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Bankruptcy (1/- )

Are you in a financial bind that just keeps getting worse?


Commercial/Banking (7/- )

Do you need sound legal advice about your financial decisions?


Corporations/Securities (10/- )

Choosing a business form is an important decision.


Criminal/DUI (15/- )

If you're looking defend yourself against a criminal lawsuit, we can help.

Drivers License/Traffic

Drivers License/Traffic (8/- )

Are you facing drivers license suspension or have moving violations?

Elder Law

Elder Law (2/- )

This new stage of life has its own set of potential legal issues.


Environment (-/- )

Have you been effected by an toxin or contaminate?

Estate Planning/Probate

Estate Planning/Probate (19/- )

We can ensure that your assets are ultimately divided the way you want them to be?

Family Law

Family Law (20/- )

If you are getting married, divorced, or adopting an attorney can help.

General Practice

General Practice (16/- )

Do you make good legal decisions? Are your interests fully protected?

Health Care

Health Care (1/- )

If you have a legal matter concerning your health care or that of a loved one contact us.


Immigration (-/- )

Need help navigating through the increasingly intricate web of United States immigration laws?


Insurance (3/- )

Have an insurance claim? You need an advocate that understands the system.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (1/- )

If you have an idea or an invention, an attorney can show you how to protect it.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile Law (3/- )

Has your child been charged with a criminal offense?


Labor/Employment (5/- )

The workplace is fraught with legal issues when you have questions contact an expert.

Local Government

Local Government (4/- )

Whatever the legal needs of your town, we can help.

Medical Malpractice (8/- )

Help for Medical Harm

Personal Injury

Personal Injury (23/- )

Accidents happen, we provide council for defendants and plaintiffs.

Real Estate/Development

Real Estate/Development (16/- )

If you are buying or developing real estate you need to consult with attorney.


Taxation (4/- )

Confused by tax laws?

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation (9/- )

If you have been injured at work you need legal representation.

Wrongful Death (4/- )

When a tragic loss is the result of a wrong


Other (26/- )

This area is for miscellaneous specializations or retired members.

Civil Litigation (-/- )

Need a litigator?

In House Counsel (-/- )

Collections (-/- )

Consumer Law (-/- )

Retired (-/- )

Child Support (-/- )

State's Attorney (-/- )

Public Defender (-/- )

Judge (-/- )

Municipal Law (-/- )

Land Use (-/- )

Economic Develpment Law (-/- )

Creditors Rights (-/- )

Product Liability (-/- )

Business Law (-/- )

Not for Profit (-/- )

Disability (-/- )

Employee Benefits (-/- )

Fair Debt Collection Practices (-/- )

Debtor's Rights (-/- )

Credit Reporting Disputes (-/- )

Creditor Harassment (-/- )

Divorce (-/- )

Landlord/Tenant (-/- )

Subrogation (-/- )

Wills (-/- )

Domestic (-/- )

Social Security Disability (-/- )

Wills and Trusts (-/- )

Adoptions (-/- )

Mediation (-/- )

Social Security (-/- )

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